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Our company is a community of great people with over 30 years of experience in the defense industry, retail technologies and media.

During our activities that started in the field of media technologies, we operated in a wide range from turnkey TV and radio installation to terrestrial broadcasting infrastructure installation. We were the main partner of Turner Network Television (TNT) within Turkey broadcasting. 
During this process, a variety of products were designed and produced in the retail sector, from smart labels to guerrilla marketing technologies. Electronic price tags and customer tracking camera technologies are some of the samples…  
We continue our activities within the field of defense industry with foreign representations. Overhaul engines, spare parts and soldier equipments are our focal points.



We follow the innovations and developments within the field of military technologies. Our work varies from a wide selection of supplying of spare parts to overhauling and purchasing of military technologies.


Electronic price tags, in-store customer analysis, advertising spaces in refrigerator cabinets...


Terrestrial-digital transmitter stations installation for TV-radio towers, RF signal coverage analysis, turnkey TV-radio installation, Radio-In-A-Box (RIAB) Systems

Innovative Acoustic Technology : HyperSpike

We take a position of upmost cooperation and communication with us and the brands we represents, as we believe that this pools our strengths and improves how effective we all are within the industry.

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Our passion for acoustics combined with a focus on why we are in business makes HyperSpike special. We truly believe that the message matters.

A bridge between you and the future!

With our years of experience and business partnerships, we offer the technology for all of your maintenance, repair, purchase and application needs. We aim to increase your reach to your target audience with guerrilla marketing products and technologies within markets and stores.


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